Adaptability and Leadership in a Corona Climate

Michael Wader - Professional Speaker

Article by by Damian Mark Smyth

Michael Wader is a 72-year-old Vietnam Veteran living in Russia and having to adapt to a new world in uncertain times.

He moved to Moscow in 2010 after working with some of the largest firms in the world as a leadership and executive coach and having a reputation for getting leaders to change their habits and behaviors. In fact, his old nickname in the corporate world was Darth-Wader!

But now, it is Michael who is being forced to adapt, as his entire Leadership training business was wiped out due to COVID-19, with all of his workshops taking place in Asia and succumbing to the global lockdown.

However, instead of retreating into retirement or stockpiling loo roll, Michael invested in a coach who helped him to adopt a new way of working and adapt, going entirely online.

Within weeks, Michael had set up a Zoom meeting with 154 senior leaders from 15 countries with a further 150 tuning into the replay.

His inspirational webinar on Leadership in Crisis can be seen here:

Michael also joined a think-tank based out of the United Kingdom into best business practices going forward into a new, post-virus age.
As a best-selling author of six books on Lean Technology and Leadership, Michael wanted to give his advice and guidance and help to mold a new way of doing business.

He has created the following manifesto for business to follow and create a better tomorrow for all:

I believe that three-quarters of the companies around the world don’t know how to plan for a crisis… they can do it, and should do it by:

Resources: Having the resources to build a plan, which is the brains of the leaders and the workers working together.

Employee care: If the leader takes care of the people, the people will take care of the process.

Collaboration: To create a fire, you need fuel, oxygen, and a spark: for crisis recovery, you need leaders, workers, and a coach.


Leadership Survival in a Crisis by Michael WaderHis articles on Leadership and Leadership Survival in Crisis have been published in 12 outlets in Russia, and he is now looking to expand into the UK and USA and is available for interviews. He is the author of the newly released Leadership in a Crisis Workbook in English, and three more languages to help companies globally soon.

If you would like to speak with Michael about his new ventures or how he has managed to adapt so quickly, please contact:

Damian Smyth

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