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Dynamic Leadership Series

Once you’ve set out on a path to establish your prominent leadership qualities, learning from the best is the right path to take! Experience the handpicked wisdom from generations of successful people and implement the best tactics!

Leadership Skills

If you’re a new leader or an established leader, this book provides insights into improving yourself and the teams you lead. Building a solid plan for your professional future is essential for sustaining your excellence as a leader. This book is packed full of easy-to-use information and suggestions to help you be the Leader of Change.

Crisis Management

Leaders are responsible for stepping forward and knowing what to do when crises occur. Building a workable Crisis Preparedness Plan is imperative to responding, recovery, and preparing for future crises. Benjamin Franklin said: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!”

Leadership Skills for
the 21st Century Team Leader

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Dynamic Leadership Series

Reader's Comment:

“Michael's books are a well-built road to the goal. Briefly, capaciously, with proven ideas, and confirmed by the success of the authors, aphorisms, allowing without unnecessary water, to give clear guidance on the path to success. Bravo! I love the books’ brevity and persuasiveness!”

Ostryakov V. A.,

Director General Municipal Electric Bus Company
Saint Petersburg, Russia

People don’t complain when your message is too simple, they complain when it is too complicated!

Start your fire with desire, fuel our fire with ambition, and as the flames burn towards the sky, use your imagination to reach your goals!

Reader’s Comment

Very insightful and a great Call-for-Action Workbook. Leadership Survival in a Crisis is the right book to help leaders get through this crisis. Michael’s focus on crisis management points out the critical leadership skills needed now. Any management team, from personal business to multinational companies can use this workbook to build the foundation for recovery now. Start developing a Preparedness Plan for the future now, because we know for sure that we will have crisis in the future!

— Patrice Bony
General Assy Director
in Peugeot Sochaux Plant, France