Jump-Start Your Leadership Skills

Jumpstart Your Leadership Skills - blog post by Michael Wader

Young leaders, or those who are preparing to move up into a leadership position, usually face a common problem. The future looks exciting to you! You are excited and ready to become the leader your company needs. For others, you are already in a new leadership position and facing the same problem.

Companies all over the world make the same mistake. When a leadership position becomes vacant and they need to fill it, they look around and find their best technician or best administrator and push them up into the position.

They promote their best technician into a Manager’s leadership position, and when he or she becomes the best manager, they move them up into a Senior Manager’s leadership position. Then, when they become the best Senior Manager, they move them up to a Director’s leadership position… and then they fail. Companies frequently promote competent people until they become incompetent. Yes… they promote you until you fail. The company assumes: because you were successful at the last level, you will be successful at the next higher level.

When did this company take the time to “groom” or train you for the next leadership level? Without giving you the tools needed for the increased level of responsibility and new leadership skills, they thrust you into the position… and hope for the best. How will you build the trust of the Senior Leaders and Directors already in lateral positions to your new position? How will you motivate your new subordinates where others have failed… Or replace a leader that was loved by the workers? What new tasks will you keep and which ones will you pass on to others? After all, you can’t do everything by yourself.

What you need is a Personal Professional Strategic Plan. You cannot afford to move into a new leadership position without a good plan!

“Self-reflection is the first key to becoming a leader!”

So you need to ask yourself:

• What are your strengths and weaknesses?

• What are your opportunities and what are the threats to your advancement?

Who can help you reach your leadership goals?

What problems do you need to avoid?

Without a good plan, the likelihood of moving up and being successful in your new position is doubtful. The Russian writer Leo Tolstoy said:

“Everyone wants to change the world, but no one wants to change himself!”

Don’t wait for the future to come to you—learn how you can start to create it today!

Asking for help is s sign of strength, not a sign of weakness!



For more information about “Jump-Starting” your successful leadership career, contact me at mike@michaelwader.com.

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