I am the catalyst that
gets people fired up!

Saying the right words and providing the information is not enough. There has to be a call for action! Straightforward examples and steps to follow help your Leaders to move forward and be more successful.

Motivating yourself and others is not easy, and avoiding mistakes by having a good plan is crucial. It takes a positive attitude and the understanding that everyone is constantly watching you.

Learn the competencies that will make you a successful leader and develop a solid plan to ensure your success!

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Leadership Practices to Lead Changes Within Your Organization Today

Missing leadership skills needed to establish and sustain a healthy and highly productive organization.

People find what they’re looking for. If you’ll only look for problems, that is all you would find!

Leaders must define a vision for the organization, so that it highlights the values of individuals in the group.

The skill of listening is the most important part of leadership communication.
Opportunity tends to come to those who have paid the price of preparation.

“The significant problems we face cannot be solved with the same level of thinking we were at when we created them!”

— Albert Einstein


You are already in a battle. And everyone sees you…

In order for leaders to be successful in the world today, they must face two realities: Everyone watches, sees and knows your every move: every action taken, every decision ever made. You live and work in a fish tank.

Now, competition is not only local, but global. You have to be ready to fight for what you want—you have to lace up your combat boots & prepare for the battle.


“A leader’s attitude is caught by his/her followers more quickly than his/her actions.”

— John C. Maxwell


by “Darth” Wader…

  • What actions can you take as a leader that will set you ahead of others?
  • What are the habits of those successful leaders you admire?
  • Have you identified your positive and negative habits?
  • Are you ready to change your negative habits and become the Leader you are capable of becoming?


“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent: it’s the one most adaptable to change.”

— Charles Darwin


Learn how to develop a personal professional strategic plan to jump-start your journey to becoming a successful leader today!

Where innovation is needed—don’t wait for the future, create it!

Where cooperation is needed—identify the points of interest and build a win-win situation.

Where relationships are needed—build trust, diversity and integrity.

Where new technology is needed—don’t be not haphazard, but well-organized and up-to-date.


“Self–reflection is the first key to becoming a leader!”

— Warren Bennis

catalyst for productivity


Be ready to change your current thinking and be open to new ideas about hidden wastes in your processes!

Learn where to look for hidden waste.
Learn how to monetize the hidden waste.
Identify and prevent waste from returning.
Don’t waste our most valuable asset: time.

If you only look on the surface, you will miss many opportunities! 


“Time is like water in a river: it can pass by you, but it never comes back.”


Your mind is like an umbrella, it functions best when open.
— Walter Gropius

Preparation before the idea generation is 75% of the work
The right people in the right environment can be amazing
Removing boredom and having “fun” ignites creativity
Capturing ideas before they fly away


“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

— Albert Einstein



The wisdom & experience of older workers is one of the few natural resources globally that is increasing, not declining!

Continue to be important in the second half of your lifetime!

  • Never stop working
  • Never stop learning
  • Never stop socializing
  • Never stop dreaming

The most striking presentation at the East-West International Women’s Conference was the masterclass “Secrets of Active Longevity” by Mr. Michael Wader.

The cheerful, charming speaker Mike Wader, from the first minute of his speech, captured the attention of a crowded room. Listeners soaked in Michael’s theory with bated breath. Michael’s extremely interesting presentation caused the most attentive behavior of the audience. The women in the audience, absorbed in the speaker’s magic, suddenly looked up from their smartphones, tablets, and listened to Michael with undisguised interest. The silence in the hall was interrupted from time to time by enthusiastic laughter and applause.

Mike is a great storyteller! Listening to his lecture, you are deeply interested in the narrator’s topic, and delight in the artistry with which Mike shares such interesting and useful information. I want to listen and listen to Michael, and I don’t want this lecture to end. I think that all the students of Mike’s masterclass are grateful to the organizers of the East-West Women Conference for the opportunity to attend such a vivid performance by the unrivaled speaker and master, Mr. Michael Wader.

Roza Anvarovna,
Head of the Event Press Center


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