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Certified Virtual Presenter

We seek to understand your needs before we develop training specifically for you or your organization. Then we design a program to meet those needs and adjust assignments to match the complexity of your team, or individual needs. All our courses can be delivered in-house at your location or online by our Certified Virtual Presenter during video coaching.



to Improve Your Communication Skills

Online and In-Person Communications Coaching

Dynamic Communications

Want to get the most out of conversations and presentations? This workshop explores how modifying and developing your communications skills can produce the successful results you desire.

Dynamic Communications training is a personalized training package for individuals or small groups which aims to give participants confidence and skills when presenting or speaking at work or in public.

This 4-step training program is based on your individual or group needs and goals, and delivered by your coach via live Zoom video sessions.

Michael Wader - Presentation Skills Training

Eminent Presentation Skills

One of the roadblocks to becoming a successful leader is the fear of speaking in public. This transformative workshop will help to build your confidence, creativity, and communication skills to deliver memorable and highly successful presentations.

Do you have leaders who are articulate, motivating innovation and increased productivity? Or do you have leaders that need to improve how they communicate their message to the organization? Do your leaders inspire their teams with their words and presentations or do people get bored listening to current presentations? 

Eminent Communication Skills coaching can reduce those internal and external misunderstanding and lethargic responses to presentations. It is specifically developed to meet your organization’s needs for senior managers and executives who are responsible for delivering inspiring and motivational communications. The workshop will provide participants a foundation of techniques and coaching to become excellent communicators. This training can become the launch pad for highly skilled presenters and speakers.

Executive Communication Skills

Learn how to become a confident communicator. This workshop will help you to become the “leader of choice” with competent communication skills that will inspire and motivate your team.

One of the roadblocks to becoming a successful leader is the fear of speaking in public. Executive Presentation Skills participants are consistently inspired by this inspirational and uplifting workshop that separates them from those who fear public speaking. Learning how to build and deliver an impactful and memorable presentation will accelerate their road to becoming successful leaders. When simple tools and the guidance to use them are put into the hands of ordinary people, their presentations become extraordinary!

Michael Wader - Executive Communication Training

Leadership training


Online Training

1.5 hours online per day, 50-page workbook in PDF format.
"Insightful and a Call-for-Action Workbook. Leadership Survival in a Crisis is the right book to help leaders get through this crisis. Michael's focus on crisis management points out the critical leadership skills needed now. Any management team, from personal business to multinational companies, can use this workbook to build the foundation for recovery now and develop a Preparedness Plan for the future because we know for sure that we will have another crisis in the future!"
Patrice Bony
General Assy Director in Sochaux Peugeot Plant from PSA Group, France


Online Training

1.5 hours online per day, 45-page workbook in PDF format.


Online Training

1.5 hours online per day, 40-page workbook in PDF format.

Starting from 2009, Michael Wader conducted training and actively participated in implementing Lean Production and Lean leadership development in the October Railroad. In the course of 4 years, over 25 thousand employees of RZD Holding were trained at ORW facilities, from RR top management to line personnel and over 1000 improvement projects were implemented. Both the RR as a whole and its line subdivisions were keeping leading positions in different contests devoted to lean production and quality management systems, organized both by the RZD OJSC and by federal or regional authorities, as well as independent organizers in Russia.

During these years of joint work Mr.Wader proved to be not only a professional with academic knowledge in Lean Production, but also as a practitioner, whose recommendations and direct hands-on participation were used in the development of personnel involvement system and motivation system aimed at continuous improvement. The Lean projects implementation in October Railroad resulted in 3.8 billion rubles saving reached in 3 years.

Taking into account the above positive experience, as well as the topicality of the strategic task of reducing wastes, I recommend to consider the expedience of using Michael Wader as a practicing trainer within the framework of current projects for improvement of production processes and operational efficiency of your organization.

Lean Technology

We provide simple tools for all levels of personnel. Together they can produce extraordinary results!

With fast-paced learning and real-world examples from your industry, your employees will move your company into a more competitive position in the market. They will speed up cycle time, identify & remove waste, and overall reduce the cost of operations.


for All Industries

2-Day Classes:


Introduction to Lean Tools

Introduction to lean technology and lean tools available for making improvements.


Lean Leadership

Understanding leadership responsibilities in lean implementation.



Lean Assessment

Identifying and quantifying hidden waste.


3-Day Classes:


Value Stream Mapping

Identifying the value-added and non-value-added steps within processes.



Visual Workspace

Visual controls to enhance productivity.



5S and Visual Controls

Visual controls to enhance productivity.




Quick changeovers.


TPM (Total Productive Maintenance)

Reduce machine downtime & increase the productivity of your machines.



Train the Lean Trainer

Learn the training skills needed to teach lean technology.



for Innovative Problem-Solving Teams

2-Day Classes:


Root Cause Analysis

Learning how to identify the root case of problems and generate corrective actions.



Creative Problem Solving

Learn the basics of Creative Idea Generation to solve complex problems with teamwork.

Dynamic Communications

Eminent Presentation Skills

Executive Communication Skills

Leadership Survival

Dynamic 21st Century Leadership

Lean Leadership

Basic Lean Tools

Advanced Lean Tools